"Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love,
send them forth in freedom" - Rudolf Steiner


The Garden of Enchantment is a home-based, Waldorf-inspired pre-school and kindergarten, which also offers Parent-Toddler classes. The Garden of Enchantment provides a loving, inspiring, and supportive place for young children to thrive and develop. The Waldorf kindergarten philosophy is based on the conviction that the young child learns through imitation rather than through instruction. Each child’s innate capacity for wonder, reverence and awe is valued and nurtured in a carefully planned program and environment. The toys in the classroom differ from those in a traditional early childhood classroom. They are comprised of natural materials such as wood, silk, and wool. The physical environment at The Garden of Enchantment is designed with beautiful colors, balance and simplicity. Play is a child’s work and becomes part of a foundation for learning and life. Each day is filled with rhythmical activities (which includes watercolor painting, baking bread, sculpting with beeswax, and woodworking), circle time (which includes singing, hand gesture games, and movement) handwork (which includes sewing, finger knitting, braiding, and drawing with beeswax crayons), organic gardening, and nature walks. The young child needs to experience the world as beautiful, true, and good. It is equally important to establish rhythm and repetition in order for children to build a strong sense of security in early life.

Our mission is to protect and foster the child’s innate sense of wonder. Every aspect of The Garden of Enchantment has been designed with the young child in mind; the hand-made open ended toys, the open-ended play structures, the soft pastel colors of the walls, the gentle but regular routine – all work in symphony to provide an inspiring and supportive place for young children to thrive – creatively, emotionally, and intellectually.